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Our team provide a comprehensive and highly-experienced service to your needs

Fully Recyclable Displays

SDG is focused on developing a range of original fully recyclable displays. We help you reduce your impact on the environment by producing innovative solutions that are 100% recyclable!

100% recyclable materials

High quality

Easy and fast to assemble

Up to 20kg per shelf

Flat packed

Custom designs available


Cardboard Displays

You benefit from our own mass-production factory, with improved delivery lead times and better quality, flexibility, and cost-effective production.

Cardboard displays are a versatile way to stand out instore for short periods of time. Best utilised for 2-8 weeks, the fantastic advantage of these displays is that they can be economically designed and produced, yet still customised to your specific needs.

If you don’t need a full display, we can also help with dress up kits (DUK’s), display refreshment by optimising design and production techniques. By reviewing your POS needs we can focus on ease of assembly, reducing the environmental impact and create the ideal solution for your needs.

Permanent Displays

Permanent Displays – Multi-substrate Beyond cardboard, SDG has a proven and quality supply chain for the manufacturing of displays that require longevity instore.

These displays are usually a creative combination of metal, wood, plastics and can include the integration of lighting, digital displays, interactive functionality and data collection.

Our in-house Industrial designers are skilled at understanding detailed briefs and client requirements and then evolving these into unique, creative and functional solutions.

Prototyping & Proofing

We produce samples and prototypes to test size, strength and durability, ensuring the designs are fit for purpose.

This is an integral part of the production process, where precise attention to detail is essential.

We review knife lines in Sydney with our on-site Kongsberg S20 sampling machine, as well as combining the use of our 3D printers to closely review all moulding components.

With the very latest in colour-calibrated print proofing technology in our Sydney office, we can provide full-size proofs on demand.


Freight and Logistics

From the moment the goods leave the factory, we carefully monitor each stage of transit to ensure on-time delivery to your desired destination. We specialise in:

Container booking

Customs clearance and processing

Tracking, scheduling and pre-delivery preparation

Palletisation and container deliveries

Nationwide distribution

Freight tracking and POD reporting


Store Display Global is an experienced team of designers and display production specialists, sharing a passion for helping brands find more creative ways to activate instore.



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