Activation Solutions

SDG understands that effective and appealing creative paves the way for great instore activations, and we specialise in taking lead creative visuals and rolling them out to a high range of instore touch points

From on-shelf, to in-aisle, outdoor media and anywhere in between, chances are we have designed or can customise a solution to connect with your target market

Floor Displays

Floor display units allow you to bulk stack your merchandise whilst allowing your brand to shine in the busy retail environment. SDG provides the full offering starting with innovative creative to maximise your instore sales. Our industrial designers ensure your display is fit for purpose and manufactured in such a way to minimise assembly time by your field marketing teams.

Having our own offshore manufacturing means we have greater control over timeframes and costings. Displays can be made from recyclable cardboard for shorter campaigns through to plastic, steel and wood for longer-term scenarios. Our locally based cardboard sampling machines can prototype for your review before you make any decisions.

Counter Units

Counter displays are the POS solutions that matter at the moment of truth; when your shoppers are at the checkout. The SDG team have the skills and experience to design and integrate counter solutions that will win retailer support, entice and convert shoppers turning the counter into a key selling space.

Catalogue & Magazine Advertising

SDG works with all the major retailers today and understands their requirements and processes. This ensures you get the right artwork first time and on time.

SDG is primed to work with the short timeframe of weekly mass-produced publications and meet their deadlines.

Our designers will become a key extension of your brand guidelines, ensuring that your brand is always seen on message and at the forefront of the category.